Morning jog and breakfast

Today I had a nice morning jog,not too long..but enough to get my lovely endorphins 🙂
I would like to jog 1-2 times per week 20-30 min max (a goal)

Breakfast at a café !



2 thoughts on “Morning jog and breakfast

  1. Hi Lo!
    I have been doing my daily glute exercise every morning. I also do leg/glute workout 3x’s a week @ the gym. I have notice growth 🙂
    My question is How much cardio should you do to maintain your glute without loosing my new growth?

    • Hi bia02122!

      It has to do more about how many calories you eat per day that will determine muscle growth and/or maintain muscles.
      You can do cardio every day if you like and keep your glutes or gain,you just have to eat enough calories.

      But if we talk cardio, I would say 2-3 times per week if you want the benefit from cardio (health and also keep belly fat stable)

      Congrats on your butt growth 🙂

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