Glute question: Can you gain a big butt from hip thrust & Glutebridge only?

Hey Lolo (again,lol)! I have been reading Adrian Bryant’s website and he suggest that all you need to do is Hip Thrust and Butt bridges with progressive heavy weights and you can grow you butt every 2-4 weeks. He says lift weights heavy enough to do ONLY 12 reps for 4-6 sets only 2days a week with a 2 day break in between. along with diet, that is all you need to do go grow ur butt. What are you thoughts? Could only 1-2 isolating exercise(with Heavy weights) be all you need to grow your glutes?


Hey there!

Thanks for your question:-)

I would say both yes and no.

It depends what you mean by “bigger” butt.

If you have a very small butt and don’t train,then sure, you could get a bigger butt from hip thrust or glutebridge only
if you compared your butt from where you started.

But if you ask me if you can get a BIG butt from isolating exercises only like hip thrust and glutebridge,I would say more likely no.

You really need more than just isolating exercises to develop a great big butt,because isolating exercises does not recruit that much muscle fibers than compound exercises ,
and will not give as much growth hormones either to gain muscles.

I have never seen anyone who have great legs from only doing leg extension(isolating exercise) to develop quads
Nor, I have not seen anyone have gain a great butt from only a isolating exercise only.

And from my own experience, when I could not train with compound exercises (like squat,deadlifts or other single leg exercises) to train my butt ,I could only do like glutebridge,my butt was not great as it was as if I combined isolating with compound.

Even if I had a lot of weights on glutebridge,it did not helped.
A combination of glutebridge,squats and other leg/glute exercises gave me the best glute results.

Another thing…

You can have a great load of weights for glutebridge and hip thrust,but still have a small butt,the range of motion of the exercises are not long either,and the tension from your butt start to drop when you lower your butt down,and comes back in the middle to the top of the movement, so you really  don’t train your glutes in a long range of motion which would be better.

Glutebridge and hip thrust are my favorite isolating exercises for the glutes,and they are great to combine with your other compound glute movements to help give you that extra volume and boost your glutes,but not as a single exercise,no.

Even to my clients who does not want to gain legs and only butt,I say to them that the best way to gain a bigger butt is to involve some legs too,and then I give them mostly isolating movements,but also “some” compound movements too

Otherwise the results will not be so great.(if they are looking for a BIG butt,not only toned and lifted)



4 thoughts on “Glute question: Can you gain a big butt from hip thrust & Glutebridge only?

  1. Hey Lollo!!! I am an apple shaped woman my goal is to get my upper body lean as possible and continue to build up my glutes. when doing a whole body work out plan do you think its best to do light weight and high reps to lean out/lose fat from my upper body(mainly my arms & stomach) and high (progressive weights) lower reps on the lower body to build bigger muscles. or should all of the exercises (both upper/lower) be in the same rep/set range? or does it matter really?

    Hope youre having a wonderful start to your week ❤

    • Hi Asia,

      You can not spot reduce fat, so if you are doing lots of high reps on your upper body,. that wont help you lose fat in your upper body.
      Train hard,and whenever you think your upper body looks okay and you don’t want to gain more muscles in your upper body,then you can train to maintain only and continue to build more muscles on your lower half.

      But if you like to do more high reps because it feels better for you,then do so

      Vary your reps range is a good thing.

      Thank you and have a wonderful day<3

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