Set up a glute plan

Many of us just train without having a clear goal.

What I mean by that is , you know that you want to lose like 30 lbs,
Or, you just want to have a bigger butt like you want a 40 inch butt.

Okay, but from there, you don’t really have a plan or strategy on how to get there and to meet your goal.
What do you have to do in order to be where you want to be?

It is great that you know that you want a 40 inch butt,but you also need to know how you need to train to get best results for yourself.

How many times per week you need to train,what exercises to use, how many reps you need to do,when it is time to change your workout,how many calories you must increase and how much protein you need each month.

It is  a lot to think about if you want to have serious results,at least when you have been training for a while or if you are a beginner and don’t know where to start.

Here are some tips:

* Be specific about your goal, what do you want to achieve?

* Break it down and set up milestones, I have lost THIS amount of weight by THIS date/year,and really stick to it,and then move on to your next milestone.

* What do you have to change in your life in order to achieve your goal? strop smoking?stop drinking?stop eating out?eat more calories? eat less calories? anything that hinders you from reaching your goal

* What action do you need to take? start weight train? start exercise?more cardio? less cardio?

* How should your workout routine look like when you start? exercises?sets?reps? home or gym? How many exercises,what exercises? How many times per week?

* Don’t go out too hard in the beginning,the chances are that you will fail pretty quickly,it should not be too easy for you either,because you must make it hard in order to change your body and keep you motivated,but not too hard that every workout turn in to a night mare and you will end up being too exhausted and quit because of that.

* Be determined and clear about what you want and stay focused.Always remember why you are on this journey.

* Always be one step ahead, what will you do next month,and be prepared for it

* When times goes by, your body will feel and look different from when you start,you need to adjust your calories,cardio and weight training after how you look today.Otherwise you will remain the same.

We are all different, some people like to change more often than others to make us more motivated, so do what you think is best for you and makes you feel motivated.

For myself, I try to change something small each month, sometimes I change a lot,and sometimes I change just a little bit.



14 thoughts on “Set up a glute plan

    • Thank you:-)

      Whenever you reach your goal, keep using the same weights as you did and don’t add more weights.

      And also you could train once per week or every other week with the same sets/reps and weights without adding more.

      This way,you will maintain your size

  1. how do i gain strength to do butt training. im having huge problems lifting 20lbs !!
    i bought 100lb set. im 5’6 – 125lbs

    • You need to increase reps or weights each week,little by little

      If you find it hard to lift a certain amount of weight,let say you can only lift 8 reps, add more reps and try to lift between 4-6 reps and go from there.

      Also, if your technique is off, then it will be hard to gain in strength,make sure that you do core workout because that helps with heavy lifts,and also check your form/technique

      • thank u, i have weak arms should i make arms stronger first?? can u recommend core training.
        btw will 20lb get me bigger butt ?

        i can do butt bridges and use heavier weight, can i put just weight plate over my pelvis instead of barbell for butt bridge workout ?

      • You are welcome:-)

        It is a good idea to train your whole body,but you can more focus on glute training if you want bigger glutes.

        You can buy “lifting straps” to help you with the grip

        20 lbs? 20 lbs can be much in one exercise and too light for another exercise, it is hard to say…

        But, you should try to increase the load or reps whenever you are getting stronger

        Yes, you can place a weight plate,dumbbell or barbell on your hips when you do glute bridge/hip thrusts.

        Yes, core training would definitely be a good idea to do! different kind of planks works fine

        Please, read this guide to help you better

        Good luck!

  2. Thank you, i am ur biggest fan I have been reading ur blog for 1 year and its amazing, and most genuine. I will look into lifting straps and work on core and put in more effort.

  3. Hi!

    I have always had a big butt but have gone vegan at the beginning of the year and since summer I have been stressed and not eating/cooking so much so I’ve lost weight (unintentionally) and, naturally, my butt and thighs have gotten really small. What should I do to plump them up again? I know I need to consume more healthy fats like avocado, nuts, and coconut milk but the exercise part is what I’m unsure of. I’ve always worked out but I’ve never seen a huge difference there. My waist is 26 inches which my goal is 25 but my butt is now 39 when it used to be 42-43 inches. Thanks in advance!

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