Glute talk-Perky butt from Jogging

My oldest has a perky and tight butt,and I asked him “How can you have a butt like that? what do you do?”
And he said “Mom, I run a lot!”

Haha, that was so cute,
And I think he is right, because when you run, you are using your butt even more than if you where walking.
Every time I have sprint or jog, I am sore in places I hardly get sore at when it comes to my butt.
And also, my butt is pretty pumped up after a jogging session.

My son is young,plays with his friends a lot and he runs short distances when they are playing etc
Many young people have nice perky butts,and one big reason is because they are more active!

They run,jump,climb,dance or whatever they do when they are playing.

That was one reason I started to jog..

I have not done hill sprints for a while because I had a low back injury recently,so I was going to incorporate both hill sprints and jog each week now.

Not only because of a wonderful butt;-) , But the feeling you get out of it is amazing! I feel so amazing afterwards and feel like a Queen 🙂

How about you glute family?

Do you jog,run,sprint? and what do you think about it? The feeling? How does if effect your glutes?

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