2 weeks of hula hoop!

Oh dear.

So tomorrow I have been hula hoop for 2 weeks,and 4 weeks to go before I can say if it works great or not.

If I look at my waist from the front in the mirror naked, I think that my waist look better and more curved in.
I am not sure if it is from hula hoop yet…

Also, my hips looks a bit better too,more round(a tiny bit),could be from the illusion from my waist…

Anyway…I look forward to the “6 weeks done hula hoop” 🙂


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11 thoughts on “2 weeks of hula hoop!

  1. Hey Lo! I purchased a weighted hula hoop today. It’s so hard to use. How do you do it for 10 minutes? It keeps on falling every time i do it 😞.

    • Hi bia02122!

      You should not do 10 min in a row the first time, you will get bruised and feels like someone have kicked you;-)

      Start out with 2 min per day,and then gradually increase time each week

      Your hips should move back and forth and not circle your hips

      Check out this video

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