Glute talk-How do I train my butt to get big

How many glute day’s per week,how many sets/reps,how many exercises and what exercises vary from time to time
for me..

So, when someone ask me how I train to have a butt I have, I can’t give the complete guide because that would be too much,and I can’t remember exactly how I trained a year ago.

What I really can say is..

You have to be willing to do the hard work,train strict,increase weights and reps after a while or whenever you get stronger,be patient,eat enough calories,sleep well,learn how to use your glute muscles,use isolating exercises,but you should never only pic isolation exercises,mix both compound exercises with isolating,Stick with exercises you feel your glutes respond good at and keep them.

Vary your workouts from time to time, do less workouts,do more workouts,make them more intense in periods,and then go back to “normal” again and so on.

Always remember overload progress,as a beginner,try to add more weights each week,and increase the weights slowly and steady rather than too much at once.

Don’t let your form suffer because of more weights on the bar/dumbbell,this will lead to injuries and will not give you good results either.

Have a wonderful week lovely people:-)!


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9 thoughts on “Glute talk-How do I train my butt to get big

    • If you are very overweight,it might be easier for you to start losing weight only at first,and then build your butt.
      But,if you think that you can do both, lose fat and gain a bigger butt by start with weight training,then that would be good too.

      Once thing though, if you lose fat and gain muscles at the same time,you will lose fat more quick than you gain muscles, so when you lose your butt fat too,you might not see results from weight training at first.
      You still gain muscles,and you will have a more firm and lifted butt if you combine cardio and weight training than you would have if you only lose weight first.

      But like I wrote,easiest would be to lose weight first

      But, you have to feel for yourself what you think is best for you and how much you could take

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