How to deal with a bad workout

Hi everyone:-)

I hope you all had a blissful weekend !

Yesterday, I had a not so good leg workout, but that is OK!
It IS okay to have less great workouts and it is not a big deal.

Having a less great workout does not mean you will lose gains or not gain muscles, it is just your body that tells you that it needs to take a it easier so it can refresh and need some time to gain back energy.

Our bodies are not machines,and we need to listen to our bodies to get the best out of it,because if you don’t listen to your body’s signal,then you will have an injury or other problems in the future.

I remember when I was a newbie in weight training, if I had to skip my workout for just one day, I really thought that my muscles would decrease ;-.)

One week off would be a catastrophe back then, and not talk about the meals, if I did not ate every single three hours, my muscles would decrease significantly.

Today I laugh “with me” when I think about this:-) because I know this is not the truth, well sure..
If you don’t train strict, your muscles will become smaller,but…not much in one week;-)

You will not even notice it! the only thing that shows after one week off, is that the pump(blood) in your muscles does not show and your muscles looks more “relaxed and flabby” and not that firm etc.

That is not muscle loss, it is a loss of pump. it is a big difference.

Wait too long before you eat, sure, it will break down your muscles, but not as much as you think,and it is not something you can see with your eyes;-)

If you think you look smaller, it mostly has to do with have much carbohydrates that has been stored as glucogen in your muscles.


If you cheat too much and for too long with your meals(eating less and not as much as you need) and cheat with your workouts(skip too often and for too long)

You will see significant muscle loss.

My sleep was not good at all 2 nights ago,and that was affected my workout the day after, I was not that strong and I did not had the energy.

And what I did was to accept that,and I took it easier and did lighter exercises instead.
I felt good about it.

All that stress about you MUST eat,you MUST train even if you are sick and being afraid of the muscle loss etc will lead to failure and muscle loss due to cortisol your body will produce.

Not because that you missed a workout or a meal.

Acceptance and keep calm is the best way to gain more mass,and do your best from the situation.


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3 thoughts on “How to deal with a bad workout

  1. This is on point! As you know I was sick all weekend, I still did some Pilates for Glutes and Core though. Today, I will try to get in a nice leg workout but I am sure I won’t be able to use heavy weights. Trying to ease in to things.
    I definitely noticed a difference since I increased carbs. My metabolism is faster than ever and my muscles are full and still lean.
    Love your mindset, it is very inspiring.
    Keep up the good work dear :*

    • Thanks dear!:-)

      Great that you listen to your body and do the best of the situation!
      Nice blog you have and keep on writing:-)

      Have a wonderful Tuesday night:-)

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