Book of love-Self help

How many of you really appreciate the things you do?
How many of you see all the good things that happen during the day?
How many of you really give yourself some love and respect?
How many of you really see the good in yourself and what you do?

I know that I could be better to myself and I am willing to make that change too!
We often see the bad stuff in our lives,the mistakes we did,the negative people around us,how useless we are,and how boring the day is and so on.

All this focus on the negative things will make  us sick, give us low self esteem and low self confident, which will sabotage our lives because we are not living our life to 100%

We can’t be a good parent,good friend,good girlfriend/boyfriend,good husband or wife if we are not living to 100% and be the one you where born to be(Happy,have a purpose,love life,do the things you love,accept,respect and love yourself etc)

It is not too late to to make a change in your life, you are not too old to get started,even if you only have one day left to live, you can make the last day a better day,so it is never too late!

In order to change your life, you need to start from the inner self, your thoughts..
I would like you to buy a nice note book,and really pick a book that you like and not just “a book”

Because I want you to make that book special,and I would like you to “feel” what book attract you the most.
Perhaps you find a book better because of the shape,or color,big or small or medium etc

This book should be your “love book”, It should be a book only with good words,loving,positive and motivating for you.
And whenever you feel sad,upset or have low self esteem, you can read the book and see that you have so much to give
in life and you do have a purpose,you are great,you do good things,life is good etc

I want you to write down every single good thing that has happen during the day that you did,what someone did or whatever you experienced that day.

So before you go to sleep,write down as many positive things you can remember,and I would like you to be honest
and don’t be shy, this book is only for yourself.

Give yourself credit for what you did !

I want you to write down even the smallest good thing, that you might think “That was not really something

Here are some tips:

* I ate healthy today,I feel cleansed.
* I did a short workout which was nice
* I said polite no to a friend today which felt wonderful because I always say yes to things I know that I can not handle just to please everyone.
* A random person said hello to me today.and I felt uplifted.
* I cleaned my toilet today,I felt so great afterward.
* A let a woman go before me in line today in the grocery store
* I polished my nails with a wonderful color today
* I have worked hard today,and I feel good about it
* The weather was wonderful today
* Me and my children had a nice day together with a lot of laughter
* I was enjoying my cup of coffee today
* I had an interesting conversation with a friend today
* I mad everyone laugh when I told them a funny story today
* I love my pillow because it is so soft ,nice and smell good too
* When I work, I have a good lamp that shine great
* My desk is nice and clean

You see,it can be anything you are grateful for,happy about,things you did etc.. and what all things have in common is : LOVE.

Start today and you will see a lot of positivity in your life ,and you will program your mind to search for all goods instead of all bads.

I will start today! and I hope you will do the same:-)

Much love and respect everyone<3

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  1. This made me smile and warmed my heart! Thanks for sharing such an uplifting idea, i cant wait to get started! I needed to read this post today 🙂

    have a great day ❤

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