Sore throat-rest and meditate :-)

Yesterday I felt that I was about to get a sore throat.

So I only did some light leg curls and stiff deads

Today, I feel that my throat is more sore, so now I will rest until I feel better.

That means….more time for meditation,rest and cosy times! 🙂
Often times we feel like not being able to weight train is a bad thing, but that has to do with how we think.

What we should focus on is what we can do ,something that we don’t have time for when we prioritize our training or prioritize other things rather than things that would be great for our souls.

I know that I can act like a child sometimes, I know deep down what I could do to feel so much better,but I chose to do more “fun things” instead,and yes, it feel great at that moment,but at the end of the day, I feel worse

And I feel worse because I did not listen to my inner voice/feeling what would be better for me.
let say my body need time to relax,and I know that I stress too much and the best for me should be to  take a bath and lie down and relax.

But at that moment, I rather read something that I find very interesting (which is not bad of course) and I feel great doing so and it is fun.

Reading something interesting does not help me relax because I get too excited and my mind start to process all the information I read about and then I have a lot to think about.

Then I have other things to take care of and off to bed, the anxiety start to creep up on me and I tell myself that I should have listen to my body etc.

Well, this is not the first time I ignore what would be the best thing for me, but I know that I have to practice this to make a change,otherwise it will always be the same thing over and over.

You will always get what you give,simple is that.

So,being sick or whatever can be a great time to do things you don’t do otherwise
Like cleaning your wardrobe,meditate,take care of your body with a relaxing bath and candles,clean the house etc
You know deep down what is best for you!

By the way…

I am not too sick to hula hoop for 10 min though lol, yeah! 18 day’s to go my friends:-)

Have a great Saturday<3


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4 thoughts on “Sore throat-rest and meditate :-)

  1. Läste någonstans att man t.o.m. kan träna när man har feber egentligen, att det inte är så farligt som man kan tro. Men det är nog inte att rekommendera.

    Krya på dig! 🙂

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