Glute question : How often should I train my butt to make it bigger?

Q :

How many times per week do I need to train my but in order to make it bigger? And how many sets/reps on average do I need to do in a workout in order to maximize my gains?

I know you can’t say exactly how much I need to wotk out, but is it 2 times per week or more like 5? And do I have to have to do a ton of different excercises or is 2-4 excercises with 40-60 reps (divided on 4-6 sets) per workout enough?

A :

Thanks for your question.

It all depends how you train and if you are a beginner or advanced etc.

But I often suggest that you at least work your glutes hard at least 2 times per week, maybe 3 if you feel that your body can handle it.

When I say 2 times per week, I mean hit your glutes hard and really focus on your butt.

3-4 exercises, 2-3 sets per exercise (this can be changed over time) and 15-20 reps at first if you are a beginner to get used to the exercise,feel how your muscles work and also practice on your form and technique.

After that you can start with heavier load 10-12 reps- 6-8 reps etc

That is a good start, after time, you need to do more than just sets,reps and load.


The more advance you get, you can get better results by using your muscle more effective during a set and for a whole workout,find out which exercises your own  body respond good at.

Different techniques,mindset and tricks to gain even more and better.
But this takes time for people to learn and you will grow both mentally and physically with time.

We all need to start somewhere and need to do the basics.
This beginners guide might help


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