Hello Thursday!

How are you wonderful people?!

You know., I have a cold, I thought I was getting better because it felt so,but the day after it got worse
So I have not train anything except from the lateral band walk in the park day’s ago.

The only thing I have done is  hula hoop for 10 min per day and also some light bicycle for 30 min.

I won’t complain though, I have had amazing times with my children,with myself,meditate and work on things I want etc
So that has been really nice:-)

Maybe I will try to do some light glute training at least if it feel good, just to activate my muscles.

Have a blessing day<3


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4 thoughts on “Hello Thursday!

    • Ja tyvärr!

      men å andra sidan så är det ett ypperligt tillfälle att göra andra saker jag älskar 🙂 mer tid över.

      Tack! och trevlig helg

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