Past and now-deep talk ;-)

Hey Glute readers:-)

I hope you have had a wonderful Sunday!
If you don’t,then decide to have a good one and do the things you love 🙂

If we want to have a better life and be the best we possible can be,then  we need to understand and repeat to ourselves that “I have the power over my thoughts,and I choose to think and do the best for myself

It is so easy to give your power away and blame everything and blame others for your situation and stop take responsibility for your own actions,how you feel and what you choose to think etc.

Every time you blame your situation on others, you give your power away and as a result you get weaker and weaker.
You are powerful! Claim your power back, by doing so you will get stronger with time.

As humans, we are growing with responsibilities,and if you take responsibility for every word you speak,every thought you think, every action you take you will grow,because you prove to yourself that you are and have the power within you! And that is a very ,very powerful tool.

It is hard to believe that you are strong when you are down or depressed and feel like a victim, but as soon as you understand that you have the responsibility for everything you do in life, including your thoughts, you can change!
No matter what you have going through in life.

I never talk about my life, but I can say one thing…I have had a very tough life growing up, so I know what I am talking about..


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6 thoughts on “Past and now-deep talk ;-)

  1. Really inspirational post Lollo! You’re such a genuine and helpful wonderful person! The advice you’ve given is so true and reminds me that we can always make the best of our life and be the power in our lives. I know people and circumstances in the past could have made things bad in the past, but I have the belief that overall life is positive and wants us to be happy and be our best as you say.

    Your post reminds me of a book I read years ago The 7 Habits of Highly Successful People and in it talks about some things you cant control like other people circumstances, but what you can control is yourself and your thoughts attitude decisions etc, and that is what we can be happy about. 😀

    Besides being super pretty you’re also a wise and very strong person too Lollo and thats so admirable and inspiring! This helped me to remind me of my thoughts attitudes and that in my life I have the power and I can be positive and thankful about that and go on and make a positive impact on the world! Just like you! You really do make a positive impact and help and inspire so much Lollo and you can be happy and proud and fulfilled cause you’re an awesome nice person! Have a nice Sunday! 😀

    • Thank you Eddie for your wonderful comment!!:-)

      Yes, it is important to retrain your mind to stay positive, we are born positive so we just need to focus on the goods in life 🙂

      Easier said then done, but we must allow ourselves to accept peace and love in life!

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