Smaller butt after pregnancy

Many women experience a smaller butt after they have had a baby, it becomes more flat than before.

I experienced this myself after each kid.

In my case, it has mostly to do with that I got more inactive and did not use my muscles as much during pregnancy
And therefore my muscles got smaller.

When we are pregnant,our pelvic will tilt even more when our baby is growing bigger,and when you have anterior pelvic tilt this will create a different posture than you had before.

This posture will lead to less active glute activity which will weaken the glutes even more because you are not using them properly.

Cartoon and anatomy 2


Other factors can also be from hormones, or when you breast feed, your fat will be burned more from your butt and hips.

I noticed from my first pregnancy,my butt was more flat and lose,and it was harder to train my butt back.
One reason was because I was lacking motivation to train as well.

I trained for a couple of weeks or a month and then took a break,back and forth.
After about 2-3 years later I had the motivation I needed and I got my butt “back” and even more!

My second pregnancy, I had the same issue, But this time It only took me 11 months to gain my butt  muscles back.

So if your butt has become smaller after your pregnancy, don’t worry, you will get it back if you start to train your glutes and eat right,and you can actually gain it even bigger if you want that!


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8 thoughts on “Smaller butt after pregnancy

  1. thank you for sharing this. Its very interesting. With me, my butt got bigger with my eldest son. And I always wanted a bigger one, just not one that almost knocked a table over lol. And with my girls, it was more my breasts and belly that got big (twins). So everyone is different.

    how did you get your belly into shape after your babies?

    • You are welcome!

      I did planks,stomach vaccums and belly breath, plus I took walks and had a healthy diet.

      I got in a better shape after second baby than with number one, because I learned more about belly training after pregnancy, which I did not knew with my first child

  2. How long did you wait to lift heavy after labor? Did you start at a light weight and work yourself up?

      • Oh wow that’s impressive! You look amazing in the before pic as well. Even with a smaller butt.I was just curious that’s all. I hear a lot of women say pregnancy can make it difficult to gain in the butt. I wonder if it has something to do with your hormones being out of wack after labor.

      • Thanks love:-)

        Your butt get mostly smaller because you are not using your glute muscles that much due to your arched back,and this will results in weak and smaller glute muscles,
        Some women tend to gain more fat during pregnancy too and hormones can actually change a little bit how you store your fat during this time, therefore some women can have larger behinds from fat gains.

        Just keep on training and building your butt and you will have a more shapely (and bigger if that is your goal) butt 🙂

        Good luck<3

      • I’m the opposite. My butt gets HUGE after pregnancy. (Maybe it’s because I have all girls and they say girls give you curves) But it’s not shapely. All the fat goes to the bottom of my butt and the top gets ignored. I look square from behind lol….. I will be making my own gym at home soon and stalking your site for tips, lol.

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