Yesterday’s core workout

My waist/belly gets better and better each week.

I have almost reach 6 weeks of 10 min weighted hula hoop each day, plus I have also done core workout with different
core exercises almost everyday, so I combine hula hoop with core workouts.

I do different kind of core exercises,and I have done them with my body weight only because I had to start from how strong my core was ( I was pretty weak,but I am gaining strength each week )

So yesterday’s core workout was with weights, at least the first two,and I am going to share it with you here:

* Weighted front squat 2 sets of 10-12 reps
The front squat, My focus was not on my quads, My focus was to engage my belly,back and glutes(core) during the intire movement, It was really hard and I could really feel how my core was working and it felt amazing.

I trained until my core could not engage as much anymore,and then took a break until my next set.

* Weighted reverse bottom lunges 2 sets of 10-12 reps/each
Focusing on my core all the time and not the legs,because I use this exercise as a core exercise and not a leg exercise this time, really contracting my abs,back and glutes.

Bottom lunges, you are doing a reverse lunge with alternating legs,but you don’t come up all the way,you are staying above parallel all the time when you switch legs

* Superman planks body weight 2 sets of 12

This last exercise, I did not needed any weights, It was tough anyway.


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4 thoughts on “Yesterday’s core workout

  1. I know you have to suck in your stomach it’s so hard for me to suck in my stomach while doing this exercise. And holding your breath at the same time or am I doing it wrong?

    • You are suppose to engage your belly/back, like when someone would punch you in the stomach, you will engaged your core

      Or when you scream or cough you engage your core

      practice and you will be better at it:-)

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