Quick Home Butt workout

For busy ladies 🙂

If you want to get a nice butt but don’t have too much time

Do this quick butt workout at home/or gym

2-3 sets each exercise/per side, rest time 30 sec between sets

single leg hip thrust
Bulgarian split squat
Glute kick backs

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4 thoughts on “Quick Home Butt workout

  1. Hey Lo!

    Thanks! Can you do this without weights at work, for example, to achieve a firmer, maybe more lifted butt in between doing ‘proper’ workouts with weights for mass? As long as you don’t overwork the muscle?

    • Yes,

      It often happen when you have a weak core,you need to strength your core more and also keep your core super tight and engage when you do exercises to avoid back pain
      Weak transverse abdominal(inner abs) can’t support your back and therefore you have pain

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