Landmine Sumo Squat-For a BIGGER BUTT

I really love the horse ride when it comes to exercise my butt “Ride the horse
horse ridejpg

But I also have another favorite to build a bigger butt,and it is landmine sumo squat!
You perform it like the horse ride but instead you are facing the wall and hold.

The difference between horse ride and landmine sumo squat is:

* Horse ride, you will push your self up leaning back

* Landmine sumo squat, you will push your self up leaning forward

Because of the difference in angles, you will hit your glutes a little bit different in each exercise.

Yesterday, I did a superset of these two exercises(Home workout), and I started out doing ride the horse in 15 reps, right away to landmine sumo squat and did 13 reps.

I had a very hard time to WALK!  My glutes where on fire!

I suggest that you try the superset of these two,and concentrate on your glutes, you wont need much weights for that.

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Have a gluteful day:-)


This is how you do the landmine sumo squat, you can do it at home too if you have a barbell 😉
landmine sumo squat

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17 thoughts on “Landmine Sumo Squat-For a BIGGER BUTT

    • That’s what I thought when I saw the exercise! Other than the weight plate being near you, it looks the same. But I think it needs to be tried out first to feel the difference between them both.

  1. @bia02122 and @katie

    The difference is the angle, ride horse, you leaning back, and landmine sumo you are leaning forward

    But ,other than that, they do look almost the same 😉

  2. Thank you for a new workout. I’m always looking for something new. I have a question..When you “Superset” does that mean that you would do one set of ”riding house” and then you switch to one set “Landmine Sumo Squat” until you have done all your reps??.

    • You are welcome:-)

      Superset means that you shall perform two exercises in a row without a rest in between them
      I do like 12 reps on one exercise first,when I am done with the first exercise I go directly to the second exercise and perform let say 12 reps

      When I have done two exercises in a row without a rest, that was 1 set = a superset

  3. Should you superset first. Or should you do Superset after all your workout is done? Since you’ve mentioned on your post “I had a very hard time to WALK! My glutes where on fire!”

  4. Hi Lo!!! thank you so much for the helpful info as usual:-) I am trying to switch to working at home more until i get more comfortable in the gym. I always look lost or fumbling through my phone trying to figure out what exercise to do nest… or how I should perform the exercise.. or looking up what terms mean in my work out plan LOL. So i have 2 questions! 1. what are some (basic )equipment you would suggest for home work outs that are not expensive (for step up’s etc)?
    2. I love the gym, but i get fustrated because im so confused LOL…. do you have any advice or perhaps motivation when you first started out?

  5. Also, would you suggest a personal trainer?? Do you think a personal trainer will give me quicker results? I feel like its going to take me forever to learn everything i need to know LOL.

    thanks lo! HOpe your having a wonderful day 🙂

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