Glute talk : Bigger butt mission !

Hello Glutegirls (and boys?) !

I am excited to try my NEW Glute program that I made for myself.
In this workout, I am doing a lot of different techniques to help my butt grow even more.

Also, I came up with a technique I have never seen anyone else have done!
Well, at least not in gyms or online what I have seen.

So I am excited to see what/if it can give me.
I love to experiment and find new things to try out for my butt,so I am all open for it:-)

I have been working out for many ,many years,so it is harder for me to achieve the fast results that I gained the first years, so I need to find new techniques and exercises to speed up my growth.

I am not sure how big my butt would have been if I did not have any kids or if I did not had those long injuries and breaks during my 11 years of weight lifting, because all of those things have hindering me from working out and gain muscles, instead I have lost muscles and then gain them back and then lost muscles and gain them back and so on.

So I have not been able to train to make further gains and progress, just to grow back muscles that I lost.

But I hope I am able to grow more now and avoid injuries!

So, if you want to gain more muscles, you need to train smarter too, and avoid injuries and stuff like that;-)!

Keep on growing glute family<3

good morning

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4 thoughts on “Glute talk : Bigger butt mission !

  1. I’ve had to take a break on my butt growing journey.Money issues caused my family to be low on food so we could pay bills.I was concerned about making sure my kids ate.So my weight gain journey had to go on hold.I even lost weight.Now we got some peanut bread and pasta and we are going to more protein foods.The church is handing out protein bars peanut butter chicken and steaks.So I’m going to get back on my growing journey.It sucks seeing results then having to put everything on hold but that’s life.I’m just really excited to workout again!

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