My results-6 weeks hula hoop challenge!


I manage to hula hoop for 6 weeks with my weighted hula hoop 1.8 kg.
And now I want to share my results with you guys:-)

My review:


I can definitely see and feel a different in my waist from hula hoop 10 min every single day for 6 weeks.
The definition in my waist is more cleared,my abs feels stronger and my posture is much better.

And best of all…I have NOT lost any weight at all since the before picture!

The pooch I had in my lower belly is not that “big” as before,my waist is more defined,and my pants in the waist line are BIGGER for my waist now.

My waist only decreased with 1 cm,but It is more on my lower belly I guess(I did not measure my lower belly), plus I have gained 1 cm in my butt too:-) (from lifting weights)

1 cm loss in waist does not sound much, but I see more difference than it sound like plus my pants(most of them) are too loose for my waist now.

I will continue to hula hoop everyday for at least 2 weeks more and then I will use it perhaps 2-3 times per week.

Here is my pictures of my belly from how I look before and then after

6 weeks challange hula hoop before and after

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