Confused in the gym-what to do-or home gym?

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Hi Lo!!! thank you so much for the helpful info as usual:-) I am trying to switch to working at home more until i get more comfortable in the gym. I always look lost or fumbling through my phone trying to figure out what exercise to do nest… or how I should perform the exercise.. or looking up what terms mean in my work out plan LOL. So i have 2 questions! 1. what are some (basic )equipment you would suggest for home work outs that are not expensive (for step up’s etc)?
2. I love the gym, but i get fustrated because im so confused LOL…. do you have any advice or perhaps motivation when you first started out?

Also, would you suggest a personal trainer?? Do you think a personal trainer will give me quicker results? I feel like its going to take me forever to learn everything i need to know LOL.

thanks lo! HOpe your having a wonderful day 🙂
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Hi there!

If you really love the gym, then I think that you should get over your fear.

Here are my tips for people with the same issue :

1, Write down on a piece of paper what you want to achieve with your body, example…More toned and healthy body with a bigger butt.
2, Next, check out online for free workout plans for upper and lower body
3, Write down or print those exercises out
4, Check out on youtube how to perform exercises many many times,until you can do them
5, Check out what machines or whatever they use in the workout plan and see if you can find them in the gym
6, Ask the gym stuff to help you out to find machines you need for the exercises in your workout plan.
7, Use headphones and listen to music that gives you power and strenght

If this does not work for you for some reason, it could be a good idea to hire a gym instructor for at least one session if you can afford.So he/shew can show you how to perform the exercise/s and what machines and stuff like that to use

Perhaps let them write you a workout plan,and let them show you what machines to use,and then you will make it on your own.

Home training

If you really want to train at home anyway, then I suggest that you do this:

1, Buy free weight plates like 5,10,20,30,40 lbs plates
2, A barbell  and two bar dumbbells
3, Weight band/s different resistances
4, A squat rack, just something you can place the bar on if you do squat
5, A bench

That could be the first step, after time you can add more equipment and buy more free weight plates etc

Feel free to comment belove  to give your advice to this lady how you first started out in the gym and what you did etc


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6 thoughts on “Confused in the gym-what to do-or home gym?

  1. These are some Awesome advice Lo!
    When I first went to the gym I had no clue all I did was cardio. I had no idea where to begin until I met a friend at the gym she was my motivation. I started watching a lot of youtubes videos. Two years later I’m still at the gym:) I go 6 days a week 3 days for my lower body 2 days is strictly cardio/abs and 1 days for my upper body.

  2. LO!! Thank you so much for the wonderful advice:-) I love the gym especially because that’s my “me” time where i can unwind from my day before i go home to my kids and family LOL. So, i really apprecite that time. As you said, i need to get over my fear and realize i am in the gym to work on me and block out everyone else! I will organize and prepare for my work out this week, so i wont look so “lost” LOLOL. I have been on youtube watching videos all weekend and considering hiring a coach for a few sessions just to get me started!!!! Thanks again for all of the advice and taking the time to help us girls out :-)! Hopefully, this time next year i will be more confident and see some nice changes ❤
    (oh, i think i will stick with gluet bridges and hip thursts for home… that will take baby steps for me to do in the gym! LOL 🙂 )

    Have a great day!

    • You are welcome!:-)

      And I know that you will be confident in the gym too! Almost everyone are insecure in the beginning,so don’t worry.
      Keep it up and do the things you love:-)

      Have a wonderful week!

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