My butt is exhausted!

I was training my legs today and did some glute workout at the end.
And I must say it again….Superset Horse ride with landmine sumo squat is awesome for my glutes!

The best thing is that you don’t need too much weights, I only had 15 kg (33 lbs)
It was really hard anyway! look at my gym face lol

My butt still feels funny like a “tingling” sensation 3 hours later 😀 love it!


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5 thoughts on “My butt is exhausted!

  1. Hey Lo
    That’s awesome! I really want to try these two exercises in supersets, like you. As soon as i get the hang of the landmine sumo squat lol. Are both of these exercises positioned in a sumo squat? Wide squat? Toes pointed out a little? And Lo, how many reps should we be aiming for? I know that depends on many factors but that still confuses me. Should you be aiming to up your reps? Your weights or both? Because you can’t increase your reps endlessly, right? Anyway, I’m off topic.
    Thank you for showing us another set of awesome and unique exercises!

    Have a blessed week!

    • Hi Katie:-)

      I try to stand in sumo position in both exercises and my feet pointed outwards, But one can mix her stance if she prefer a more narrow stance too
      But, I feel like my glutes work better and also my inner things works too which is what I want:-)

      When it comes to rep range, I prefer medium to higher reps, this time I manage to do :

      Superset -1 horse ride: 12 reps right away to landmine sumo and did 7 reps
      Superset -2 horse ride: 8 reps and right away to landmine sumo and did 6 reps

      After those two supersets I was soooo exhausted! My glutes where on fire 🙂

      You can mix with rep range, sometimes do less reps 4-6, and sometimes 7-10 and other times 12-20 reps

      Have a wonderful Sunday:-) ❤

  2. Last week I did this superset Monday & Thursday. I did it with a 45lbs plate. I must say you can definitely feel it on your glutes & your inner thighs. I did 3 set 12 reps.
    Thank you again Lo!

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