Keep a smaller waist and gaining a bigger butt

If you want to keep a smaller waist while you are gaining a bigger butt.
Then you need to tighten your transverse abdominal with core exercises,a long with weight training,healthy diet some sort of light to medium cardio to avoid too much fat gains.

Also, don’t overdo your bulk, add only like 150-200 cals extra ontop of your maintenance calorie intake.

For some people this can be hard to do, but it is  worth a try;-)

I have now manage to gain some more backside and make my waist smaller,and I am not into eating too much now when I am trying to gain even more butt because I often end up gaining too much belly fat,and right now I want to gain slowly and keep my waist size as much as possible.

Abs exercises will not shrink your belly fat, but it will keep your belly strong and tight and you will look better too.

Have a nice Wednesday!


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5 thoughts on “Keep a smaller waist and gaining a bigger butt

  1. Dum fråga! Men har konturer på magen när jag står upp men sen när jag sitter ä är det en enda degklump å korvar sig osv.. E d så för dej med?:-

  2. What are your favourite core exercises? I never do abs because I am scared I will get bulkier in my mid section (I am Apple shaped)

  3. I been reading up on stomach vacuums. Are these good? Have you ever tried them. Also heard with apple shape Pilates/yoga type of core training is good.

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