Being kind is not being stupid !

Yeah, I am very kind to people because I respect them, but I am not stupid.

People often think that if a person is NICE they think you are easy to fool as well, but guess what?
If you are one of them, then you are the stupid one!

I have high standards,and I am getting stronger each day to be the best version of myself.
And what I have realized during my journey is that TIME is the most valuable thing you can ever have.

So, if I give my time to someone, I am very ,very generous, because I could have used that time I gave you on other things instead.

This is something people don’t understand, they want everything for free without doing a shit and just DEMAND that people should give their VALUABLE time to the person who does nothing for you.

I say this to everyone out there….make sure you give your time to the things that really gives you something!
These haters,or energy thieves,or people who just want everything from you and steel your time without giving you something back etc…IGNORE THEM!

Then.. we have those people who really like you whenever they feel good about themselves,but as soon as they fail or something, they start to hate you.

I know a few in my circles that does that, and yes…I am going to get rid of them as soon as possible!
Because it is not my job to please you!

I had to write this to let you guys know who act like this, that the only person you are fooling is your self, period!
Take some responsibility over yourself and not relay on somebody else.


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6 thoughts on “Being kind is not being stupid !

  1. The famous Godfather quote.”Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer”

    Lo I have learned so much from your blog..I personal think you Are very smart.
    again Thank you!

  2. LO!!! this is so true, thanks for posting this 🙂 As I am getting older I am realizing i only have control over me. I sincerly love helping people, it brings joy to my heart. However, in the past i would get upset when people did not return the gesture.. because i felt as if others had the same kindness in their hearts! But i have come to realize that everyone is not the same and their actions does not effect me! Now, i learn to not take it personal! I am learning to love me and cherish my family and friends who love me just the same. Now, i have a free mind to enjoy things and people who really matter not the fake and haters!!!

    continue being the positive loving person you are!! Have a great week 🙂

  3. Keep on being the awesome kind inspiring person you are Lollo! You’re right and don’t ever let haters or negative people get to you or bring you down. The fact is that you’re a kind hearted person but you’re also a very strong person! It takes a strong person to be kind and to be nice cause thats the person who often understands how good it is to uplift or compliment someone or what not, and these nice strong people are the ones who have actually felt hurt or bad stuff before, but they became wise to grow from it and strong enough to overcome and then help others and spread encouragement and love to others. You’re a strong person like that Lollo! And many people appreciate you so don’t even worry about the few haters or unappreciative people. 🙂

    And one other thing, even if some people don’t recognize this or appreciate or reciprocate your goodness and kindness that is their loss and not yours. Cause its always good to make a good impact in the world and to be kind and encourage someone etc. cause the more good energy you create the better for the world and the better for you! You’ll create good vibes and be happy still! 😀 So keep your head up and keep on rocking Lollo!

    You will love the song energy by drake btw .
    Don’t let no one disturb your energy or peace of mind cause you are strong and amazing the way you are .
    Hope everything is great with you .

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