General : 2 h glute workout

Yesterday I trained my glutes for 2 h, at home workout.

I was surprise that it took so long because it did not felt like that lol.

In the end of my glute workout, I did 2 sets of hip thrust 76 kg (167.5 lbs) 8 and 7 reps hold and squeeze super hard at the top for 2-3 sec and all the way down without touching the floor.

I would have lift more if I did hip thrust in the beginning of my glute workout, but I like to do hip thrust in the end.
My pad I am using for hip thrust is broke lol, I need to be careful so I can use it a bit longer because those balance pads are pretty expensive!


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3 thoughts on “General : 2 h glute workout

  1. Hi Lo!
    I absolutely love the hip thrust I’ve been using the mini resistance band while i hip thrust i really feel the burn/pump. I use the Hampton thick bar pad i had purchased mine on Amazon for $35.00.

    • Hi bia!

      I saw BC did that version of hipthrust.
      Great if you want to hit gluteus medius/minimus as well

      Hampton could be a good choice too yes!

      Thank you:-)

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