Back pain , what exercises to use to gain a bigger butt?

What if you have problem with your lower back and can’t squat ?
What exercises can you do to still gain a bigger butt?


I would check my back to make sure I don’t have a disk problem or anything like that.
If that is cool(no disk problem) I would check my transvere abdominal muscles to see if they are weak.

Also,check my hamstrings, if they are too tight/short,then lower back problems can occur.
Also, how is your posture? Do you have a straight back when sitting down? When standing?
Are your core engage/tight during the movement while you lift weights?

It also could be that you need a stronger back too.hard to say.

My advice is to do core workout(Back,belly and glutes)
And for glute exercises use single leg exercises,because you wont need much weights for those and will not pressure your spine in that way squat with a barbell would do. Plus it is easier to maintain proper form when you have lighter weights, and to keep your core engage during the movement without drop it because of a weak core.

If you are using too much weights for your core to handle, then your core will drop and you will have backpain.
So gradually work your way up if your core is not strong enough.

Also, other exercises like:

* Goblet squat
* Sumo squat
* Leg press
* Hip thrust
* Glutebridge

Can be of use if you want larger glute muscles and avoid much pressure on your spine


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