Glute workout 1 h and 40 min

Glute day was on my schedule this evening, and I had a pretty crazy home glute workout and got some good pump.
AT the end of my workout, I was pretty much fried, and I could not do the last 2 exercises.

I vary my workouts after how I feel, example…
If I feel bored with the exercises I did last week, I change them a little bit the next week.

But usually, I try to do the same workout plan for at least 4-12 weeks and then make a change.
It all depends how my body develop..

Let say my upper glutes (medius and minimus) has grown more than my maximus, I cut off a bit on the upper glute
Exercises and focus more on my lower half or vice versa.

Right now my glutes have grown more than my thighs ( I did this on purpose ) because my thighs has not been prio.
So, I might start to focus more on quad and hamstrings dominant exercises whenever I feel ready for it.

It is all about how I want to sculpt my body,and that is why I think it is important to look at your body sometimes to make some changes in your workout, because one or more muscles might need extra focus and other muscles might need to be maintenance or decreased a little bit depending on how you want it.

I also cut down on my upper body workouts, and did not train arms or shoulders for 2 months because I wanted them to be smaller in relation to my lower body.

So this is what I do all the time;-)

Also…my taste vary as well, in some periods I like bug shoulders and arms and/or overall big physique, and other periods I like smaller upper body. I really can’t decide what I prefer!! 🙂

But I think it is fun ! It is really cool how you can choose how you want to look and be smaller or bigger, smaller in some areas and bigger in some;-)

I hope you guys had a nice day:-)


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  1. You’re just so lovely! I wish I could train with you. Thank you for your Blog. It’s the best place for me to look for inspiration for booty building!

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