Hard to lose fat? Try this

We all get exposed to toxic and stuff that mess up our hormones.
It is EVERYWHERE, in the air,water,make up,clothes and food etc

If we get too much of it, it can make a huge different in your hormones and that could be why you don’t lose fat
even if you eat less calories and exercise more.

Take xenoestrogens for example, synthetic chemicals that act like estrogens in your body, which will inhibit fat loss
and instead store even more fat, which means your body will be in a fat storage mode rather than in fat loss mode.

What you must do is to do a cleanse, to cleanse your body from all the toxic chemicals with a detox.
This is something we all should do once in a while to help stabilize our bodies and hormones.

Try herbs that help detox your body (<—-Link)

And also, try to eat as organic as possible, avoid plastic bottles, peel fruits and vegetables etc
Exercise more (daily walks for example ) , yoga, meditation,sleep well etc


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