Stretch pre/post glute/leg workout

Stretching might not be for everyone, but if you sit a lot or not move around, you might end up stiff in different muscles.

And as we age, we tend to be more stiff.

In my opinion, I think stretching works fine, my muscles feel more relaxed, better flexibility and mobility and less stiff in the mornings etc.

I am talking about stretching in moderation and not overdo it or stretch too hard so you get injured etc.

I usually stretch before every leg/glute workout and sometimes after each workout as well.

I stretch 2 sets on each muscle and hold it for 20-30 sec each set pre-workout.

And post-workout, I usually stretch for 1 set each muscle group and hold for about 20 sec.

And here are the muscles for lower body I use to stretch.

Glutes (you can do them sitting on a chair too)

Hip flexors





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