3 min lazy butt workout



Perform all three exercises in a row for 1 min each. NO break in between !
If you feel exhausted before you get to 1 min, take a mini break of 3 sec and get back at it again.

This 3 min lazy workout can be for people who don’t have the time, keep your butt activated, or people who want to boost their glutes, or for people who just want a nice firm and lifted butt.

Do this daily!

Start off with glutebridge, set your timer for 1 min!


The second exercise is glute/leg lift, you can do it on the floor too if you prefer that, or on your bed or bench or whatever you feel like

Do this right away after the first exercise and set your timer for 1 min !


The third exercise is jump squats, go as low as you can,do this right away without a rest after the second exercise, set your timer for 1 min !


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