General :Protein & Carbs

Hello lovely! 🙂

Friday,Friday! yeeeah

Today I got my protein and carbs, because I did not had anything left (hardly)

I have tried I guess 5-6 different proteins and so far this one is the best.
Some proteins are so disgusting or they get too thick to drink that it feels like you are going to throw up or something (uugh!)

Hamstrings and back are waiting for me 🙂

Have a wonderful Friday!


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6 thoughts on “General :Protein & Carbs

  1. Hi dear!
    I was wondering if you could help me with a question of mine?
    I’ve been to the gym a lot lately and I’ve notice people using weight plates under their heels or under their toes while squatting?
    Is there a difference between putting them under the toes or under the heel and what’s the purpose of this?? Does it hit the glutes better or what?
    Best regards!

    • Hi Kara!

      If you see someone who squats with weight plates under the heels, it is because they want to have a more straight torso when they squat,lack of mobility and flexibility, or for some people like me who have short lower legs compare to the thighs

      My suggestion is to work on flexibility and mobility and also form and technique FIRST, instead of rely on help equipment like weight plates etc

  2. I’very been following you for awhile now, although I do following several others, your advice seems to be the only one that be on point with concerns. I have once again I’m need of advice and was hoping that you would come through as usual and offer solid advice.
    I’very been working trying to get visible abs for a year now and now I still a little bloating to eliminate but dawn I just knew that I would see a little glimpse of hope by now? Taking all suggestions. About ready to give up on these.

    • It is impoosible for me to know what you are doing in order to get visible abs.

      to get visible abs you need to be super strict with a clean and low calorie diet and not cheat.

      do high intense cardio several times per week.

      do ab workouts and weight train.

      if you started out with a lot of belly fat.then it will take longer to see results.

      be honest to yourself and ask : Am I doing it correct?, what can I do to make my diet better and cardio more intense etc

      you should count your calories too so you know that you are not eating more than you burn

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