Learn to look for the good!

Hey beautiful people!

Often when I talk about “people”, I talk about myself included.
Because I have been in situations of denial,thought I had tried everything,
Things will never work for me,only for others,or they can gain,lose weight,gain weight but not me etc

Well, these are just examples of things I write about sometimes.

When you tell yourself a story “I can’t lose weight” or “I have tried everything” or “I am skinny and I can’t gain weight”

That will be true for you, and your brain will do EVERYTHING to give you what you believe in, in other words, your brain will literally ignore every single positive information to help you reach your goal.

It is like you are blind for the opportunities that can help you achieve your goal.

I have been there too with things that matter for me,and I have been blind for the opposite , or should I say “proof” that I was so wrong.

As long as I “close my eyes” and only see what I believe in, I will never be successful in any area

So, my advice to you who things everything is impossible, start to find EVERYTHING that prove you wrong.

Let say if you don’t think you can lose weight, then search on google for before and after fatloss and you will see how many people who have succeed in losing weight.

And if your little voice in your head say’s “well, I think they got help” or “they don’t have my problems” etc

Well then do another search on “your problem” and search on “how they succeed” and you will see even more proof that people can succeed with the same “problem” as you.

And second, stop complain! Your body does not look that way for no reason,as long as you blame it on everyone else, you can never be free and take back your power to do something about it.

If you are skinny and think you have tried everything, then you are not open to more possibilities,and you will only find articles,and people who think the way you do etc, that will only support your negative belief about your condition.

I have had clients who have said they can’t gain weight,and when I ask them how much they eat, they just guess

or say what they eat…

And when I calculate how much they eat, it’s not that much as they thought.

Common! we need to stop complain and take responsibility for our actions and how we think about everything.

There are ALOT of things we can do,and no! we have not tried everything, not even close!

Are you willing to change?

Then be more open! focus on the positivity, find ways,ask for help,do your search,pay a coach or whatever you need to really get where you want.

Life shows you what is possible, if someone can lose weight, so can you!
If someone can gain muscles, so can you! If someone can gain weight , so can you!

Other people are showing you what YOU can do TOO!


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  1. this was very inspiring! I never thought about positive thinking and motivation in that way! Thanks for sharing ❤️😁

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