Wear makeup and working out

A question I got “Do you wear make up when working out,if so,what do you wear?

When I am working out, I do have some make up on.
just like when I am out in public.

I only wear concealer and foundation in special occasions, because for some reason I don’t like it because it feel like a mask on my face! lol

I want my skin to be as free as it can be.

Normally what  I use for gym:

* Eyeliner/eye pencil
* Mascara
* Lip gloss

I really sweat a lot when I am working out,and most of the time I have mascara under my eyes and on my upper eye lid lol

I don’t want waterproof mascara because I find it so hard to remove!

How about you guys? Do you wear make up when you are working out?


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4 thoughts on “Wear makeup and working out

  1. Hi Lo. I sweat a lot too so tend to wear minimal make up but its nice to feel and look good while working out i think? Just realised i can leave messages here – great blogging btw (i sent you a private message to thank you)

  2. I normally work out after work so i usually have make up on from the day. However, if i go to the gym on my off days i use a tinted mosturizer or BB cream and eye make up 🙂

  3. I never wear makup LOLLLL miss you LO the amazing inspiring lady , super mother and friends.
    Happy new year may it be full of blessings and laughter and everything Great

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