Bigger butt from scratch-part-2

Hello booty-builders!

Here comes my second video from “Bigger butt from scratch”
If you have done the butt squeezes from “Bigger butt from scratch-1

You are now ready for your new glute activation exercise number 2.
I call it the scissor glute kicks.

You will simply lie on your stomach on a bench, a table, or a chair,. whatever you have at home or in the gym.

You will keep your stomach tight and engage all the time during this movement,and you should NOT arch your back nor should you kick your legs too high either because you will lose the tension from your glutes and

will more likely damage your lower back!
Go as high as you can without arch your back, press your hips against the bench all the time.

You will first raise your legs together and then spread them apart and squeeze your glutes hard!

You will do this without any weights,and you must concentrate on your glutes the whole time.

Do the motion slow,and when you kick your legs to the sides, squeeze your glutes for 2-3 sec and then lower your legs again.

Do this exercise daily morning and night 10-20 reps in 3 sets total per session, rest 30 sec in between sets.


If you find it hard to do it on a bench, start doing scissor glute kicks on the floor.

Stay tune for video number 3 !

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3 thoughts on “Bigger butt from scratch-part-2

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  2. Hey Lo! Hope you had a good Holiday and Happy New Year! I do have a question, do you suggest to do the butt squeezes (3 times a day), glute scissors activations (morning & night), along with the bigger butt small legs schedule? also, could i add cardio on top of all of this or will it mess things up? thanks! 🙂

    • Hi Lee Lee:-)

      Thank you! I had, I hope you had a great one too:-)

      Yes, you could use the butt squeezes and scissor glute activation along with your pre-made schedule, as long as it feels good.
      And remember, these activation exercises I post in my blog,is only activation and should not use weights on them.

      You will use weights on your regular workout.

      If you want to add cardio, that is fine too, but try to separate them from you each other to get the best out of muscle building.
      Because cardio will have a negative effect on muscle building especially if you do them too close
      Waist 6-8 h in between cardio and weight training to get the best out of it.

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