You are who you think you are

Whatever you think about yourself,you will become.
So, if you want to lose weight and don’t succeed,it is because the story you tell yourself over and over again.

If you all the time say “I am overweight and it is hard to lose weight”you give your subconscious mind a story teller about who you are, and your subconscious mind will do anything in its power to protect that believe about yourself.

By doing so, your subconscious mind will sabotage for you when you are trying to lose weight,and therefore you will fail.

So, if you want to lose weight, you need to tell yourself another story about yourself.

How a about “I am excited to see what my body will look like now when I am losing weight”

“I am a disciplined person” (and think about times when you have been disciplined and tune in to that feeling)

“I prefer the best for my body”, ” I am excited to take this life journey to become the person I am meant to be”, “I chose to be healthy”

“I find way’s to keep my self motivated” etc

Chose thoughts that WILL support your goal and NOT against it!


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