Foam rolling Hit or Diss ?

I started foam rolling years ago, after research the internet what could be wrong with my legs (thighs).

Years ago I got sharp pain in my thighs from weight lifting, the side of my thighs and upper front thighs.

Every time I tried to lift,I got a sharp pain in both legs (it started with one side first).
I tried to rest, but as soon as I got started again I felt the sharp pain.

I search the internet about my symptoms and it could be anything! But I tried to rest, warm up good and stretch etc, but nothing helped.

I went to a doctor,and he did not know what it was, he gave my anti-inflammatory medication and send me home.

I did not helped…

I decided to call a profession ( a chiropractor ), He said that I had this and that, and he told me to only do glute bridges and stiff deadlifts until I had strengthened my glutes (say what??! I mean my glutes where strong and big! ) and also hip flexors he told me.

Anyways, I did what he said and I went to him for 4-5 treatments.

After months, I tried to lift again light, but as soon as I lifted the pain went back!
I was really frustrated and sad and yes, I cried because I did not what to do, I really love working out and that is my life and something was wrong with my thighs and nobody knew the problem.

I continued to search the internet, and then came a cross a site about “trigger points”
I kept reading it and saw that I had pain in those trigger points areas the picture showed.

And I said out load ” Yes, this might be it!!! I need to give this a try!”

In the beginning I used a ball to roll over,and did it twice a day, I hurt like hell lol
Then I decide to buy a real foam roller,and I kept rolling twice a day.

After 2 weeks, I started to feel better,and after 1 months or so I felt pretty good
I started to train light and I had NO pain!

My tears of joy went over me and I thank God for this tool!

I did foam rolling for about 6 months or so and then I stopped.

After about 2 years I guess my trigger points got active again and I started to feel pain.
I started to foam roll again and then after a couple of weeks I got better.

And then I skipped foam rolling again and then It came back.

So I know that foam rolling for me is important to keep my muscles healthy,
It seems like my thigh muscles get too tight and develop these muscle knots
If I train strict and don’t get massage.

Now I foam roll about every other day because I don’t want trigger points to stay active.
Foam rolling is definitely a BIG HIT for me!

And I think everyone who weight train or be active should foam roll, because it is a substitute for real massage and deep tissue massage to keep your muscle healthy and recover faster etc.

These day’s I also use a rolling pin instead of a foam roller because I can go deeper and harder with that one 🙂

You can use anything, like a tennis ball, a bottle of water,a ball or anything.

But, I do recommend you to use a softer one in the beginning because it will hurt like hell.
After a couple of weeks you can use a harder one.

For more info about trigger points and foam rolling, you can visit THIS SITE


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8 thoughts on “Foam rolling Hit or Diss ?

  1. Wow what an experience Lollo! Thanks goodness you discovered what it was causing the pain and found that awesome tool to help you out and make you pain free 🙂 . It sounds really great and Ive seen a lot of people talk about how much it helps them. I never tried it but recently I’ve had some slight pain in my right outer upper quad, so I’ll try it for sure!

    Really happy that you can train and enjoy it again with foam rolling! Keep it up and thanks for the advice! 😀

    • Yes it is Eddie:-)!

      Some people are more prone to develop active trigger points than others, but overall I think it is great tool to massage your body and help your body relax etc

      I hope your thigh will get better! give foam rolling a try,it might cause more pain the first few weeks but after that it will be better

      Good luck:-)

  2. Hi Lo. I have a question, I have been getting bad cramps in my calves at night and randomly through the day. Do you think foam rolling can help this issue to?

    thanks 🙂

    • Hi amr1024!

      You could absolutely try it on your calves and see if it can help a bit.

      Massage (foam rolling) will help your muscles to relax so it is worth a try.

      You can start with a ball if you have one at home or a bottle filled up with water

  3. Hi Lo,! In these days I have problems in my knees . It seems some trigger points activated do you know something that could help me

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