Isolate the glutes

There are several of exercises that isolates the glutes, this glute/leg lift is one of my favorites.

I do it now and then, I don’t use much weights,but I really concentrate on my glutes and squeeze them hard and not use any momentum from my legs.

My little one was with me yesterday,she had a cold,and I feel like I am getting one as well.
Hopefully it will go away fast!

When it comes to eating , I am on a cutting phase now,so I have taking 1 h walk several times per week,so I will keep going and see how it goes,I am not sure how much I want to lose,so I will let my mirror be the judge!

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One thought on “Isolate the glutes

  1. Hi Lo!
    When i tried this excerise @ the gym on the bench i only felt it on one side of the glutes. So then i went home & I tried this exercise w/ the Stability Ball @ And i instantly felt it 🙂
    Thank you!!!!

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