General : Rest

Good Sunday!

Today I have decide to take a break from weight training until I am not sore in my throat anymore.

So I will simply rest and let my body recover from this cold.

What I am going to do is to write myself a new workout plan I will train after when I am well,there are things I want to improve,more cardio to add and also more intense abs and core work etc 🙂 foam rolling and stretching.

Also, fins new great songs I can listen to, to motivate myself even more when it is time!

Have a GREEEEAAT Sunday:-)


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One thought on “General : Rest

  1. That is the proper way to deal with a cold, better rest! If you don’t you lose out a lot from your workout, performance wise, and a lot from your nutrition, metabolism wise. Also, I am completely new to your blog but I gotta say – Nice butt there, girl!

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