How to come back after a break

Whenever I have been injured or being sick,I always find it hard to come back with motivation and have that go.

I look at my body and think ” My body looks flat,soft and weak, it is going to be hard to train and gain my muscles back ” etc

I do have a negative attitude about it first…

With this kind of attitude, it wont be easy either.

So, what I am doing now is to “see it as it is” with acceptance and no judgment.
Then, the first week of my come back, I train with less sets and make my workout shorter, also I train light and focus on my technique.

This way, I find it much more appealing and motivating to come back.

I do this for about 1-2 weeks,and then I train with higher intensity.

A supportive diet is important too, try to eat healthy no matter if you are on a diet or a “bulking” phase.

I also make sure to make a new workout plan for myself to follow for about 2-3 months,
Like what techniques I will be using for 1 month,how many reps/sets/exercises, in what order, how long rest time between sets and so on.

When I do this, my motivation comes back and I feel that I am in control again.


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