Legs and butt

Home workout today.

Legs and butt,but I focus more on my legs for now,so my home workout looked like this:

3 set barbell back squat parallel superSet with 3 set front squat ATG

3 set ATG squat in leg machine

4 set single leg deadlift

3 set lying leg curl

My diet works well too,my third day and as I mention in my last post, I calculate all my calories which I find works so well for me because I feel like I am really strict when I do so.

I hope you guys have had a nice week so far:-)


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4 thoughts on “Legs and butt

  1. You are my inspiration! I recently went on a calorie deficit to lose the 17 pounds that I put on recently and I am well on my way however, now that I have lost about 6 of those pounds, my already semi-flat butt has deflated. You don’t seem to have that problem (except during pregnancy of course :), your curves remain regardless of your diet plan. Any suggestions?

    • Thank you:-)!

      I do get a smaller butt when I lose fat, I often lose about 3-4 cm around my butt, but at the same time, I lose that much from my waist too.
      If you have a good amount of glute muscles already and lose fat, then you will have a perky,but a little bit smaller butt.

      If your butt mostly consist of fat and you lose fat, then your butt will be more flat and smaller.

      So my advice to you is to continue to lift hard and strict and go for intense glute exercises rather than quad dominant exercises that leaves out the glutes too much.

      I will make a post soon on how to save or even gain more curves while losing fat:-)

      • Hi ,

        How much weight are u using on these exercises?

        Specifically, single leg dead lifts…What does this exercise target?
        Can u you still get results doing these with no weights?

        Thanks so much 🙂

      • Hi B,

        Don’t focus on the weights, what you should focus on is how heavy you can make a weight to challenge your muscles.
        You can get some results from body weight at first, but you need weights to continue to make progress whenever you get stronger

        If you only have your body weight, then I suggest that you do every exercises slowly as you can with constant tension

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