Part-2 How to maintain or gain curves on a cutting phase

Here comes the second part of  “How to maintain or gain curves on a cutting phase“.

Now when you know that there are two types of woman who can keep/maintain their curves better than the third group of woman that does not have a lot of glute muscles/or lower body muscles or stubborn lower body fat..

You will be more realistic about your own progress and keep yourself motivated.

What will happen when you lose fat along with weight lifting?

First you will notice that your body fat % will shrink,and for the third group women(who have less muscles/or no stubborn lower body fat) will also notice that her butt will look smaller,also her thighs and hips etc, and YES this is NORMAL !

You have burned fat all over your body, so that includes your cute booty too;-)

I know it is frustrating to see your behind shrinks even more when your goal is to get a larger butt.

You do have to know that this is not a quick fix, and you have to see it in the long term rather than shortly, because you can’t do wonder in a short period of time.

First thing first!

 Focus on the positive things only!

Be happy to see your stomach shrink to give your a nicer waistline,this will also give you a better silhouette later on, I promise!

Be happy to see that the number on your scale decreases, You are doing great!

Be happy to see that your body appreciate to lose the unhealthy fat,too much fat is a health problem.

Be happy to see how determined you are, you have the control !

Be happy to see how your body change and feel from a healthier choice,The results are coming.

Your body might feel more jiggly at first, this is a result from fat loss,so your skin will feel a bit lose until it has pulled together.

Combine weight lifting will help

If you start weight training along with your fat loss process,  it will help you lose fat even faster because it raises your metabolism and burn more calories during the day due to muscle building.

Weight lifting will also help to “fill out the lose skin”, the more muscles you gain,then tighter your skin will be.

You will simply have a better body if you combine fat loss with weight training than only fat loss without weight training.

If you really feel that doing both cardio and weight training to lose fat is hard, then you might want to focus on cardio and healthy eating first if that would be easier for you.
But then you won’t maintain or gain new curves while losing fat.

In my first post on this article, I wrote that it takes time to gain muscles.
But of course you will see results from weight training and muscle gains even in a short period of time, but no drastic results with a super big butt or something like that.

You should be proud of every single millimeter of muscle growth! Because THAT is progress as well.

Also, we all grow at a different speed.

You will see and feel a different in your butt/legs in a few weeks if you do it hard, mostly because of the swelling inside your muscles.

The swelling is what some people think is actual muscle mass, but it is not.
The swelling comes from more pump inside your muscles, more water/glycogenes and better blood flow.

But, the swelling is good too because it will have a anabolic effect on your muscles in the long run,which will results in more muscle mass later on if you keep on lifting.

In this phase, you will feel your butt more lifted,perhaps more firm and tighter.

After a few months of lifting, you will notice how the shape of your butt/legs start to show off, more round butt,looks a bit bigger.

After 1 year with strict weight training, you will see how your butt is bigger.

The definition of BIG will vary from person to person.

Keep on lifting and your butt will be bigger and bigger if you do it right.

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I will give you the third part of this article soon:-)


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7 thoughts on “Part-2 How to maintain or gain curves on a cutting phase

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  2. Awesome info as always!!!
    I have cleaned up my diet. Now I’m eating 5 small meals a day. I have protein w/ every meal. I’ve been eating clean for about 2 weeks now. I’m just so afraid of loosing my gains. I feel like if i loose my gains it will set me back 😦

    • Thanks Bia!

      How much are you trying to lose?

      5-7 smaller meals sounds good to me and also adding more proteins, so I don’t think you will lose much muscles unless you don’t do tons of high intense cardio for a long period of time.
      I feel you girl, but focus on your fat loss,and you can always gain some fat back if you want:-)

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