Train to failure or not

Should you train to completely failure?

First…what is failure?
It means that you should train with a given weight to absolute failure,when you can’t get the weights up anymore.

This technique have both good and bad sides.

Train to failure.

The good side is that you will requite all muscle fibers,which will give you better muscle development.
The bad side of it is, you need longer time to recover,your tendons,ligaments,Nervous system and muscles needs rest,so that mean you might only train one body part each week.

Another bad side is injury,when you get to the point to failure,your form/technique will often suffer on the last reps,which can lead to injuries.

Not training to failure.

You will stop whenever your form and technique start to suffer,like you stop 2-3 reps away form total failure.

You won’t requite all muscle fibers,but you will likely stay away from injuries.
Another thing is that you can train more often because your recovery time will not be as long as if you train to total failure.

Studies have shown that training one muscle group 2 times per week can give better results than 1 time per week.( I would also say that it depends on how hard you train )
Train to positive failure.

Training to positive failure means that you train with perfect form and technique.
And the last rep should be so hard that you hardly can’t get it up, but you CAN.

After that positive rep (when you made it) you know that IF you do another rep, you will not be able to get it up (failure).

Positive failure is something I have done many times in the past with great results, I do it sometimes with some exercises as well.

Not in every single exercise, but perhaps 1 or 2.

So what is the best?

The best would be to train as you want, but LISTEN to your body, training to absolute failure in every single set/exercise/workout can be too hard and this is something you can do for a short period of time if you are ready for it.

Let say a few weeks and then take a rest and then train not to failure for a while.

Another thing you can do is to do a couple of positive failure on exercises you have good technique in that are good too, example Military press,Bench press,Leg press(maybe squat),Chins and Deadlift.

With positive failure, you must stop whenever you feel your form suffer!

The rest of your exercises can be train 2-3 reps away from failure.

If you only want to train one muscle group per week, then try to stick with positive failure
And in the end of your workout, you might do one to absolute failure.


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