Hello Darlings:-)

Hello darlings 🙂

I hope you guys feel GREAT!

My diet goes pretty good, but I do have some problems with the weekends though lol
I allow myself to eat more than I should, so this is something I need to prepare myself for this weekend.

I need to plan more and better.It is okay to have a cheat day, but not three!!!

Today I bought vegetables, chicken, fruit,cottage cheese,kvarg(something we have in Sweden,it is like Greek yogurt but thicker with 12 gram proteins per 100g),frozen berries, and frozen avocado.

My lunch prep was vegetables,chicken fillets,2 crisp bread with butter and cheese(1 cheese each crisp bread)

This gave me 478 calories and 53 gram proteins.

I will have a afternoon walk of 60 min and later on train my calves,belly and some shoulders(maybe some back too)

Have a wonderful day!<3




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