Interested in what I eat?

Hello wonderful,

Are you guys interested in what I eat when I am on a diet?
If so, let me know and I will do a post about it.

Today I retain so much water on my midsection,so I can’t really see any definition at all from my abs due to all the water I have.

In times like this, I can get low because I know that I have lost weight.but my belly looks bigger!

I will try to drink plenty of water tomorrow and hopefully my belly will look better in a few days.

60 min walk and shoulders and calf workout done for today


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8 thoughts on “Interested in what I eat?

  1. Hi Lo!
    I was googling Water weight. I haven’t tried it but i read ‘Preparation H..When applied to affected areas, Preparation H forces excess water out of the skin, creating a smooth and lean appearance’.
    What are your thoughts on this?

    I might go ahead & give it a try & see if it works.

  2. Can you also talk about how to lose “Lower Belly fat” in the stomach area. I’m finding it very hard

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