Happy Monday!

Happy Monday!

I hope you have had a nice weekend<3

I have had sick kids(one of them are better now) so I have not been able to do cardio for 3 day’s, but I have make sure to still eat healthy and count  my calories,and tomorrow I am good to go again:-)

I retain so much water in my belly now so It look like I have gain some belly fat, but I know it is all water and I accept that.

I will try a supplement we have in sweden  “female balance” that will help with PMS and all what goes with it, so I hope it will reduce some of the water I retain too.

A friend of mine have tried it and she said that it removes some of the water weight ( I hope it will work for me too!!)

I think I will give it ago next month or so.

I feel great right now:-)

I will make a post about what I eat in a few day’s for you guys.

Until then, have a great week:-)


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3 thoughts on “Happy Monday!

  1. Hi lo, hope all is well. I have a question/dilemma! I have somewhat of a hard time gaining weight, but i eat a lot. Never have less than 2000 a day, not tht I’m counting. And my protein intake is high as well. I’ve gained SOME weight and SOME muscle, but i definitely feel i could be gaining more butt muscle. So any recommendations for someone with this problem? Any supplement suggestions?

    • HI Eevee!

      You MUST start count your calories if you want good results,at least for a week to see how much you actually getting.
      So many girls think they eat too much or too little,but once they calculate their calories they get shocked.

      Also, muscles take time to build, if you have gained some, that is great,you might also need to step up your workouts,make them harder and more intense

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