Internet,Candy & Protein


Now I have internet again:-),I did not had internet for 3 day’s due to a problem…

Now it is Friday and people buy candy and stuff,and I bought some too today…but not for myself, it was for my kids lol

Me on the other hand, I had a protein bar, that was candy for me hehe

I need to save some calories for tomorrow because I will be on a birthday party and eat a little bit of cake (I will count that in ,in my diet calorie intake).

This Friday, I will allow myself to eat more calories than I normally do on my diet,I will simply have a “cheat day” and eat more food.

I hope you have had a nice day so far:-)


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One thought on “Internet,Candy & Protein

  1. loool You should start considering buying your little guys some of your candy ,, at least it is real food 😀 Hope you had fun at the birthday and dont be so tough on yourself , just eat moderately and enjoy it .
    And if you eat a bit more the world never ends you just dont have to punish yourself cause you know that you will sweat more anyway , cause I bet you always may do one extra set in your workout,
    Later ; ) and lool your son gonna be an amazing photographer

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