What I eat on a diet

So. now I will share with you what I eat during my fat loss phase.

I will make it simple.

For me, I eat 1800 calories on my weight training day’s.And 1400 calories on my non training day’s which is 1 day per week.
I do not guess how much I eat, I really weight all my foods and calculate my calories so I know exactly what I get.

If you are really serious and want results, then guessing will not help you,you need to weight your food and then calculate your calories.

1800 calories for me are based on how much muscles I have,have active I am during the day.so 1800 cals for you might be too much to lose weight or too little.

So everyone must adjust their own calorie intake based on their fitness level etc.

Meals per day

I eat between 5-7 smaller meals per day on my diet phase, I like to eat,and it is nice to wait 2-3 h and know that I can eat another meal pretty soon,plus it is easier to to keep my hunger away,spread out my proteins better etc



Whey protein powder, I take 1-4 servings per day, at least post workout,sometimes when I don’t have the time to eat a snack meal, I take a protein shake instead.or if I can’t get enough proteins from food, I use whey protein to make sure I get the amount of proteins I need.

This is important for me during my diet phase so I can save as much muscles as possible,but also to burn fat even better.

Creatine,I use 5 gram of creatine daily, as pre workout on my weight training day’s,and 5 gram creatine in the morning on my non weight training day’s

Multivitamins, I use 30 ml daily

Maca, I take 2 teaspoon maca powder per day right now, I use it because I need to balance my hormones(PMS), but also it is a super food,a lot of health benefits ,plus it gives me more energy which is great for better workouts.

Fish oil, I have not been using fish oil for a long time,but I am ready to use it now for a while, and I will consume between 5-10 gram daily

Protein sources

Here are the protein sources I eat on my diet:

* Cottage cheese
* Kvarg (like thick thick yogurt with 12 gram proteins per 100 gram)
* Eggs (whole eggs and egg whites)
* Chicken fillets
* Ham/Turkey
* Fish (both fat and non fat)
* Sea food
* Non sugar yogurt
* Soy milk
* Cheese
* Whey protein powder
* Very little red meat if I eat it

Carbohydrate sources

Here are the carbohydrates I eat on my diet:

* Rice
* potatoes
* Crisp bread
* Oats
* Fruits
* Vegetables
* Berries
* Cereals
* Couscous
* Honey
* Very little pasta if I eat  it

Fat sources

Here are the fats I eat on my diet:

* Canola oil/Olive oil
* Nuts
* Avocado
* Fish oil/ Fat fish
* Butter


I have a big portion of vegetables for both Lunch and Dinner,almost half of my plate is full of vegetables.

I eat fruits/berries/vegetables to each meal I eat.

And I eat at least 500 gram vegetables/fruits in total per day

I like smaller fruits such as:

Clementines,kiwi and grapes, so most of my fruits comes from those three, sometimes I eat banana and apples too.

A day can look like this:

Meal-1 Right when I wake up: soy milk,1 serving protein powder,maca (mix it) a clementine.

Meal-2 Scramble eggs, vegetables,crisp bread

Meal-3  Rice,chicken,vegetables,water

Meal-4 Fruit salad with cottage cheese with toppings nuts and honey

Meal-5 pre-workout 1 serving whey protein powder,creatine,banana

Meal-6 post-workout meal 1 serving whey protein powder,white bread with honey or a “real meal” like rice,chicken and vegetables

Meal-7 salmon,vegetables potatoe/or crisp bread,soy milk/or water


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