Part-3 How to maintain or gain curves on a cutting phase

Here comes part-3 of my series “How to maintain or gain curves on a cutting phase”
You will find part-1 here,   and part-2 here.

When you are on a cutting phase, it is important to train intense, I know that some girls

don’t train hard enough during a cutting phase because  they only care about losing fat and don’t think how important it is to still train as if you where building more muscles.

You should regardless what phase you are in train as if you want to build more muscles, you should still increase reps or increase weights each week or whenever you get stronger.

This way,you keep your body in a anabolic state which will help maintain your muscles or even gain more muscles.

If you don’t push yourself during the cutting phase, you will lose more muscles!

If you feel like that you are a lot weaker in your workouts than you where when you ate more, then you might have decreased your calorie intake too much,or don’t get enough sleep,stress too much or other things.

Keep the most anabolic exercises on your cutting phase to still make progress:

* Squats
* Deadlift
* Stiff deadlift
* Military press
* Bench press
* Hip thrust/Glutebridge
* Barbell biceps curl
* Barbell scull crusher
* Standing cal raises/Seated cal raises

These exercises should be your priority and keep them during the cutting phase,then you will add some other exercises for your desire muscle groups as well.

Rep ranges:

I would say anything between 6-12 reps on the “Anabolic exercises”, vary your rep range each  set/week with good form/technique. Do not let your form/technique suffer from adding weights,keep in mind to have great form before adding up in weights!

Also throw in some high reps in the end of your workouts to give your muscles great pump and blood flow,anything from 15-20+ reps

Be active outside the gym:

To keep as much muscle possible,it is good to “use” your muscles on a daily basis,because your body will “think” that it have to save this muscle because it is necessary to do the task.

Muscles that are not used often, your body will not prioritize that muscle to be “saved” because why keep something that are not useful?

And what I mean by using your muscles often is to be active,walk,run,jump,dance,a few body weight squats now and then during the day,butt squeezes,glutebridges etc

To activate your muscle to give it better blood flow, NOT over train by working out!
In other words…we sit too much today and it will lead to less muscles.

Look at children, they play a lot,run,jump,climb etc

You must allow your muscles to “rest”,and what I mean by rest is do not do any type of intense weight training for that muscle that rest day,let it recover to grow stronger and bigger.

This does not mean you should sit on your butt all day.

Active rest is the best thing for your muscles,active rest mean that you can do low impact activities such as walk,swim,ride bicycle etc

If your muscles feel tired by doing this, then you are doing them too intense!
I said LOW IMPACT! and it is exactly what it means.


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