Bulgarian side split squat-for a nice Shelf booty *video*

Here comes a booty exercise that you can do if you want to target the upper side booty to get a nice shelf back there.

It is a bulgarian split squat,but instead of keeping your leg straight forward,take a step to the side and keep your leg (working leg) to the side of your body.(see the video)

I like to go deep,that is why I have this strange position:-)

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4 thoughts on “Bulgarian side split squat-for a nice Shelf booty *video*

  1. Hey,
    I have noticed that when I do almost any kind of squat it results in my legs getting bigger but not so much my butt. Is there a way to prevent this?

  2. Hi Lo!
    I love this video..But i can’t seem to do it like you..so i did the Bulgarian split squat on the Smith machine instead.
    When doing the Bulgarian split squat what muscle am i working on?

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