Keep on moving!

Regardless if you are trying to lose fat,gain muscles or do both at the same time,don’t quit if you don’t see results fast enough,or if you had a cheat meal etc

Keep on moving no matter what and one day you will really see the difference!

I have lost 4 kg as you know,and when I have my PMS my belly retain a lot of water.
I can’t see any lines or definition from my abs when I am bloated,and sometimes I feel
less motivated because of that.

But,I know it is just water weight,and I keep on going anyway.
One week from now,I think my belly will look normal again (hopefully)

So whatever you struggle with right now. keep on moving! Because otherwise you will regret it.

My shape from today,my belly is soft with no definition.I don’t say it is bad,I just compare myself to my own belly when I am not retain water.
Otherwise I am cool with that, a normal soft feminine belly


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2 thoughts on “Keep on moving!

  1. Love your blog! I’ve been reading you for years and now follow you on Instagram as well! You’re a real inspiration. I know as a mom it must not always be easy to post pictures or write on your blog! Thank you so so much!!!! Xo

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