Calorie cycle for fat loss

If you want to lose fat for a longer period of time,then  cycling your calories can be a effective way to keep burning fat.

Let say you cut down on 500 calories to lose fat,overtime your body will get use to it.
Then you might want to cut down more on your calories to keep losing fat..

This will put your body in “starvation mode” where your body think you are starving yourself (if you go too low),your body will try to save as much fat as possible and your
fat loss process will slow down a lot.

Instead of cut down too much on your calories, you can cycle your calorie intake to “confuse” your body,this way your body will never know what will come and you won’t get into the “starvation mode”.

There are a lot of ways to cycle your calorie intake and you can do what works best for you.
I would rather have my increased calorie intake on my leg/glute day’s because those day’s are tough and I train longer as well.

Example, I need 2300 calorie to maintain my body weight,I cut my calorie with 500 cals,so I will eat 1800 calories to lose fat.

Monday 1400 cals
Tuesday 1800 cals
Wednesday 2500 cals
Thursday 1600 cals
Friday 2200 cals
Saturday 1800 cals
Sunday 2800 cals

Just an example.

NOTE, when you do cycle,you also need to be active when you eat more,some sort of cardio(intense) and also low impact cardio such as walks,otherwise you will gain weight or not lose weight.

I do some sort of cardio every single day,either walks or ride my bike plus I also weight lift and always being active in some way.

Diverse Hands Holding The Word Calories

Diverse Hands Holding The Word Calories


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