Resistance bands-perfect for glutes!

In my opinion, everyone should have resistance bands at home for home workout or bring it with you to the gym.

They are perfect if you want to add mass on your upper glutes to get a nice shelf,and it will also give you rounder hips(increase your hip size due to muscle mass increased in the upper butt gluteus medius and minimus)

Also, bands are perfect for those who have trouble to feel the glutes working.
There are different kind of resistance of the bands, and I would by the resistance set.

Because you will need more resistance the stronger you get.and when/if you hit the strongest resistance,you can use two different resistance band at the same time to give you even more resistance!

Myself, I have one green(for my rehab in the past) and one blue,the blue one is  quite hard
And I have not been Too strong yet.up to 20 reps for seated band abduction on it is hard for me ,but I can make it.

So,I have order 5 different resistance band to give me extra resistance and I think that would be enough for a looooong time.And if I need more, I will use several at one time to give a lot of resistance.

I will list a few of all exercises you can do with the band to hit your gluteus medius hard to get a perky butt:

* Seated band abduction
* Lateral band walk
* Fire hydrate
* Lying hip abduction
* Standing hip abduction
* Monster band walk
* Band clam shell

You can also use these exercises as a glute activation warm up before your real glute workout to really get a good glute workout that will increase your mind-muscle connection.

And/or use these in the end of your glute workout and do high reps to really pump up your glutes and make them  big and plumped.

Use,let say 2-3 of them in every single glute workout,and vary from time to time.

Do them with full control,do not use momentum,think about which muscle group you are working with—->glutes,and it should be the glutes that will do most of the job here so it can work 100% and not 50%.

So do them slowly,and keep your mind on your glutes only , think “glutes”,like you are not anything but a glute muscle right now!

resistance bands

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11 thoughts on “Resistance bands-perfect for glutes!

  1. Hi Lo!
    Can you use the Resistance bands everyday to activate the glutes?
    And also Do you have a link of where we can purchase these bands?
    Thank you!!!

    • Hi Bia!

      Your question is impossible to answer because it has to do with a lot of factors.

      Check amazon or ebay for “band loops” “resistance band set” etc

  2. What i meant was you had written a blog about 3 daily glutes excise a while back. My question is can you use a resistance band with these daily glutes excise everyday? I hope i don’t sound impossible LOL..Thank you Again.

    • As long as you don’t do them too hard/intense if you have real workout days for your glutes.

      Activation should only be activation,which mean that you should get some bloodflow to the muscle,and that wont require much resistance.

      Some woman believe that they can train super hard even on the daily active exercises,and they will only ruin their glute progress in the end because of too much muscle damage and less recovery to grow.

      I hope this helped:-)

  3. Hey Lo! What is the difference between a Loop band & a Hip Circle? I wanna buy a resistance band but I’m not sure of which one to buy.

    • Hi Bia!

      What I read was that the hip circle band was harder than minibands for example(those two are short and round) then you have those longer bands as well with different resistance.
      What are your purpose with those bands?

      Use the short ones for lateral band walk or seated abduction,perhaps for stiff deads,glutebridge etc around your knees

  4. Thank you i appreciate you getting back to me like always. I will go ahead and purchase a mini looks like i can get more creative & get my money worth then buying a hip circle which is more money & looks like less options as far as your work out.

  5. Resistance bands are not only good for glutes. They are also good for healing your injuries (rehab). Anyway, glad to see someone sharing good news about these little gadgets!

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